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Can I Wear Shapewear While Exercising?

shapewear for excersize

Women turn to shapewear to smooth out the lines underneath the clothes and also keep everything tucked in all the right places, so why not at the gym? It is perfectly ok to turn to shapewear for working out because looking good is not only expected after exercise but during as well. There are many activewear that are designed with built-in shapewear that will flatten the tummy and contour the derriere. There are many styles that will hold the body in and with fabrics that will wick away the moisture.

When working out, comfort and fit are a priority. You do not want anything that is restrictive, roll down or ride up and you may end up tugging on the clothes. Some of the best tummy control shapewear feature high-waisted styles that keep the tummy flatten and less jiggly during movement. When people dress the part, they tend to feel better.

shapewear women
                                            AirSlim® Long Sleeve Sport Shaping Jumpsuit

Benefits of Wearing Shapewear During Workout

Wearing shapewear while working out has many advantages. There are studies that show wearing compression garments like shapewear can provide increased comfort and support while exercising. It also helps to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue, and improve circulation. With improved blood flow comes more oxygenated cells that are vital for muscle growth. The snug fit of the garment also helps to reduce chafing. It also helps to keep the body in the correct posture during exercise because it prevents excessive movement of the body parts and keeps them in line. This will improve the overall muscle control and form during workout.

Shapewear will allow you to achieve optimal results from your exercise from the extra layer of compression that offers comfort and support for your entire torso. Wearing these garment will help to distribute the pressure evenly across the core muscles and this will lead to greater performance in activities such as running or weight lifting.

Types of Shapewear For Working Out

Shapewear comes in many styles and designs for a wide range of activities. Depending on your personal preference, there is a range of body shapers that can offer the perfect balance of comfort and support.

Tummy control butt lifter shapewear such as leggings are popular as they offer a firm fit that not only sculpts the waist, but give the derriere a lift. They can keep your body secured and well-supported throughout your workout

slim wear body shape

                                            AirSlim® ElasticFuse Waistband Shaping Leggings

Usually made of thick and sturdy material, waist trainers offer support around the torso. It is wrapped around the midsection and fasten using hook and eye closures, Velcro or lace system. Some waist trainers have metal boning to prevent the fabric from bunching up. Wearing it for longer period will help to mold the waist to form a more defined hourglass figure. Waist trainers can also help with with posture while working out as well as alleviating back pain during heavy lifting sessions.

women shapewear
                                         NeoSweat® Abdominal Binder Latex Tummy Wrap

Shaping shorts that are designed for working out are best for running, sprinting and other activities as they allow you to move freely without restriction on the tummy and thigh areas.

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                                 AirSlim® High Waisted Butt Lifter Shorts with 2 Steel Bones

There is nothing wrong with choosing to wear shapewear when working out if it makes you feel confident standing in front of the mirror in the gym.

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